Man Singh Tomar

Raja Man Singh Tomar was the most illustrious of the Tomar rulers of Gwalior who ascended the throne in 1486 A.D. Mansingh Tomar was born to Raja Kalyanmall Tomar of Gwalior. He was a great ruler and ruled for over 30 years. In his years the Tomar were sometime at feud with and sometimes allies with the sultans of Delhi. He married Gujari rani Mrignayani. He was a great warrior and great patron of Music. One of the nine gems of his court was Tansen. Raja Man Singh was one of the greatest patrons of Arts and Music.

Man Singh was the greatest of the Rajput Tomar rulers, who ascended the throne in 1486. He also repelled an attack on the fort by Sikandar Lodi Delhi. He sued for peace in lieu of 80 Lakh rupees and a number of Elephants and valuable jewels. Sikandar Lodhi wanted another attack but every time he was either sued for peace and never confronted. Things changed at his death and in 1516, Ibrahim Lodhi laid siege on the fort. Man Singh died while the siege was on but his son held on to the fort for one year before surrendering.

The 15th century Gujari Mahal is a monument of love by Raja Man Singh Tomar for his Gujari queen, Mrignayani. After he had wooed and won her, Mrignayani demanded for a separate palace with a constant water supply from the River Rai. The outer structure of the Gujari Mahal has survived in an almost total state of preservation, the interior has been now converted into an archaeological Museum.
Within Gwalior Fort, also built by Raja Mansingh Tomar, is the Man Mandir Palace, built between 1486 and 1517. The tiles that once adorned its exterior have not survived, but at the entrance, traces of these still remain. Vast chambers with fine stone screens were once the music halls, and behind these screens, the royal ladies would learn music from the great masters of those times.


  1. he made gujri mahal in gwalior

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  5. Rajput history was colorful only before the muslim invasion. After that they either subdue or killed.

  6. it is realy a good job. it is a good information for me. amazing that jarral rajput is a branch of tomar rajput.
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    According to the indian history jarral rajputs are the tribe of a early hindu cast chandravanshi..After the greatt hindu war (mahabhart) this chandravanshi tribe moved in different distt ( Rehatk , Karnal , Gurdasspur , Kangraa.. A famus Raja his name was Raja Nakha .. He ruled Kalunar .. A boy is born in his family . The boy is very brave and his name was Raja Jeer Rao.
    He do many marriages and he have many sons ...Would later become a tribe.His name known jeeral.And after the wrong pronunciation they called Jarral. Jarral Rajput is a muslim tribe of Azad kashmir . Jammu Kashmir ( india) (Schema has the following origin ) Raja Nakha Raja Barkha Raja Parekh Raja Amber maja Rao Raja Sinha Rao Raja Ayan Rao Raja Sangti Rao Raja jeer Rao Raja kote Rao Raja Dhaj Rao Raja Nank Sinha Raja Sahab Sinha (Raja shair Afghan Khan ) Raja neel Sinha (Raja Noor ud deen khan)


    Mirza Zafar Khan write in his book (Unique Histroy of Rajgan-e-Rajour) . The king of Hindustan( jalal ud-deen Akbar ) Vist kashmir . and live in Rajouri ...Raja mast khan Jarral is ruler of rajour and Raja Hospitality the king of hindustan. One day Jalal-ud-deen ask to the RAJA .. Raja is the title of Hindu king why you use this title?and sugest the title of Nawab ( mirza).
    Raja Mast Khan said : you are right but here is no concept of Nawab ( Mirza) . All peopls think that Raja is High title. King Jalal ud deen Akbar said : ok Raja is best for you but for your family and tribe i give you title of Mirza .The title of Mirza is accepted by Raja Mast khan and and all tribe of jarral rajputs...Until the Mughal goverment are powerfull Many Rajputs Like thi Chibs and Gahakr are used the title of Mirza.
    Before 1947 the chib rajputs left the title of Mirza.But in Rawlpindi Division ,Shoawa Mirza.Kameli Mirza . Khalil Cant.Popular settlements of Gahakr Rajputs. A famus personality of Kahuta Raja Hassan Akhtar married in famus Gahakr Rajput Family in mirpure AJK.Head of the laws still use the title of Mirza and he is famus personlity in mirpure his name. Mirza farman Ali Khan. but other Gahakr Rajputs are also use the title of Raja.
    Often low knowledge people's say that Jarral Rajputs have 3 Cast.Let's explain Jarral is also a Rajput Tribe.Jarral Rajputs also use the title of RAJA and MIRZA.Mughal emperor Akbar awarded the title of Mirza, and Raja is also title of Rajputs.. So Jarral rajputs have tow titles. In Pakistan Jarral Rajputs use the title RAO / Rai.
    Raja Noor ud deen Khan Jarral Shift the old city of rajouri on current location.
    This place will be selected on the confluence reiver of manawar and Sikhtree.The famus ground of laree now the north of the city. This ground useing for Eid and Friday prayers.
    Many revolations of state will started from this famus robbery case of 1915. infact this case is ist step of of movement of independence. 21 jan 1992 in the prayer of friday
    british army attack on the decent muslim and use the guns.. and so many muslims shaheed ( died) in this attack.11 nov 1947 Liberal Activists occupied on this ground (laree) .And british forced the army to evacuate the area and ran away.


    Sultan mehmood Ghaznavi attacks on Hindustan.. Sultan Advanced to Wadi-e-kashmir. Rajouri town was ten miles far from the Sultan's army .According to the history of pandat Kulhan ( history of nagnii city ) the king (raja) of bohar kote lost after a strong resistance. Sultan stop advanced in kashmir and go back to Afghanistan..
    When Shahb ud deen Ghori do end of the ghaznavi family goverment. He make the Ghor town as their capital of goverment. Shahb ud deen do end of ghaznavi goverment in punjab .now his focus was on hindustan.His first war with the King (raja) of Ajmeer and Delhi his name Pithora historical name Prithivi Raj Chuhan. He stop the first attack of shab ud deen ghori with very Bravery .In this war Sultan Injured .And he lost his many brave wariors in this war.. Sultan feel very bad because he Lost by a idolatry, Second time Sultan Collect a big force . and also pithora collect a big force. and many hindu Raja with pithora . Raja Sahab Seena Jarral was included in these raja's and he was king of Jarral rajputs. Raja Sahab Seena Jarral ruler of Kalunar .In this war he lost his many soliders . his others soliders in the Prison of muslim army.Raja Sahab Seena jarral and his son Neel seena jarral also prison of muslim army. Raja and his son spend few years as prisoners. in this period Raja and his son get islami education and after few years Raja and his son accepted Islam. And islami name of Raja Sahab Seena is Raja Shair Afghan Khan Jarral and name of neel sheen is Noor ud deen Khan Jarral .Raja Shair Afghan and Raja noor get freedom and go back to Kalunar. The governer of Delhi is Qutab ud deen aybak. but Raja shair Afghan khan never get back his state Kalunar. After some time Raja Shair Afghan Khan Jarral Died. Raja Noor ud deen Khan migrate with his family and 2000 muslim jarral rajputs . and with some childrens and womens.
    Raja noor ud deen select the peer punjal for stay a night. Raja Noor ud deen see a Fakeer. ( pious man ) fakeer Alif Shah. . Raja sereve his. And fakeer said: go back and where your horse sit down and creat your goverment there.Raja sab walk out from wadi-e-kundi,nokothii , kanthool annd Raja sab reach the barmandal . near a pool of hot water. its Called Tatha Pani.. Raja stay a full day here . And Ready is Army for Attack on the Rajouri at night. Raja Amanaa Paul and his army not ready for any attack . 1000 or 1200 Muslim Jarral Rajputs Atack on Rajouri and Conquest the Rajouri .Raja Amanaa Paul accepted defeat( and give the rajpaat to raja noor jarral ) and THE NEW RULERS OF RAJOURI " MUSLIM JARRAL RAJPUTS AND FIRST RAJA IS RAJA NOOR-UD-DEEN KHAN JARRAL.


    Mirza Zafar ullha Khan write in his book ( bay misal Rajgan-e-Rajour). The real name is Rajour and this name is take from Raj waar . Accourding to the Pandat Kulhan ( History of Raj City nangni ) he write in his book the real name is Rajpuri but when muslim jarral rajputs Occupied on Rajpuri they change the name of Rajpuri and they kept the name Rajouri .The personal thinking of Mirza Zafar ullha khan Jarral that the old name of Rajouri is Hawelii .
    When Noor ud deen Occupied on rajouri they kept the name of state Raaj waar. after known as rajour. In 1846 the last Jarral Rajput ruler Raja Raheem ullha Khan after Exiled live in Relho (Distt Kangra ) and his Son Prince Raja Fakeer Ullha Khan Jarral Setteld In WaziraBad.Untill called Rajour. Today Many old peoples say rajour.


    Before 140 years a bad deal between britsh goverment and Mahraja of Jammu mahraja Ghulab Singh . the name of this bad deal is " Agreement of Amritsar " Then the Ruler of Rajouri (wali-e-Rajouri) Raja Raheem Ullha Khan Jarral and his son Crown Prince Raja fakeer Khan Jarral do smart try that rajouri not damage from this agreement. Raja Fakeer Khan Jarral beat the Mahraja locust army and throw out mahraja army from rajouri . And also help the governer of sikh goverment Seikh Imam deen. The british goverment creat this problem the problem of his respect. On the request of mahraja british governer generl give the order governer of lahore ( get the occupation of rajouri .. And send the entire army in rajouri ). Althought Raja Raheem ullha Khan Jarral exiled from rajouri with his family but other famus Jarral rajputs and full tribe of Jarral rajput was in rajouri. Mahraja distributed Jarral rajputs under a plan. And built the Family of Raja Aghar Khan.And try suppres the whole tribe educational and econimic .However the tribe could not suppress, because Jarral rajput have so many Qaulties.
    As already mentioned above In 1915 during the rule of Mahraja parthab singh Ist movment of achieving independence started and many Jarral rajputs and peoples of other tribe ( freedom fighters ) lives 6 years as prisoners..In 1932 movment achieving independence will started in whole kashmir.
    In the war of 1974 Jarral rajput Showed courage in Jammu , Gilgit Batistan . Sakrdu .
    Jarral Rajputs do many historic work in this war.. Col Hassan Jarral . Get the titlt Lion of War ( shair -e- Jang) Major muhammad Khan Jarral Get the title Winner of Gilgit ( Fath-e-gilgit) and the dogra goverment will be end during this war.

    Hamid Latif Jarral Rajput

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  12. nice information king of gwalior full name is gurjar raja man singh tomar written in b.a jiwaji books ,copy of the plate found in the fort is their for reference.