Morena and Tomars

Morena is a city and a municipality in Morena district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is also known as Muraina and is the administrative headquarters of Morena District and of Chambal Division.

Tomar are related dynasty to Pandavas of Mahabharat well known as Bharatvanshi. Jats are not related in any way to Tomar Rajput, they were only Faithful Sevak of Tomars and served the Tomar Dynasty for a long Time. Actually, no Tomar Vanshavallis talks of any connection of Jats with Tomars. Jats are non recognized caste in rulers and Dynasties of India. Tomars’ Certified History is available with Govt. sources at Gwalior and Morena Bhind Districts of Madhya Pradesh and local inhabitants of Chambal. Majority of Tomars are presently at Morena District of Madhya Pradesh. Anang Pal Singh left Delhi, giving away the rule to Prithvi Raj Chauhan, he reached after a long travel of North India at "Aisah" situated at Morena District. Anang Pal Singh Tomar built a fort at Aisah and declared it his ruling capital. All documentary proofs are available for the same. Moreover, Rajput Vanshavali of Tomars also proves it. There are more than 1400 villages at Morena District of Tomars in its Ambah and Porsa Tehsil, some at Morena Tehsil (According to present Revenue Map). Also there are 150 villages at Gohad Tehsil in Bhind District of Chambal. Well known Indian Freedom Fighter late. Ramprsad Bismil was born in a Tomar Family at village Barvai in Morena District. The Kakanmath , a famous temple of God Shiva, was also built by Tomar rulers. It is situated at “Singhyonia" in Morena District. After some time, Tomars rebuilt Gwalior Fort and ruled Gwalior and further India, a great proof of Tomar rule. It is objectionable if somebody is misconceives history of great Tomar rulers as Last Hindu Dynasty of India.


  1. its really marvelous work u have done. i appreciate ur work

  2. At one point Morena was called Tomarghar.

  3. We are also from morena tomar rajpoot our ancestor from there but now settled in bihar I want to know our keeth and kin