Origen and History of Tomar Rajputs

Tomars or Tanwars are Chandravanshi Rajputs
According to legend, Tomar Rajputs are the descendants of Pandavas of Mahabhatara- descended from Arjun, through his son Abhimanyu and grandson, Prikshit. King Yudhishtra founded Indraprashth, modern Delhi, but he later abdicated in favour of Prikshit, from Prikshit to king King Dihlu Tomar , Tomar rule at Delhi until 1182 A.D.

Tomars are the blood of Arjuna, one of the heroes of the Hindu epic Mahābhārata. Arjuna is a central figure in Hindu religion whose name means 'bright', 'shining', 'white' or 'silver' . Arjuna is thus "The Peerless Archer". The third of the five Pandava brothers, Arjuna was one of the children borne by Kunti, first wife of Pandu.He is sometimes refereed as 'forth Krishna' of Mahabharata.
Abhimanyu a tragic hero in the Mahābhārata. He is the son of Arjuna and Subhadra( the half-sister of Lord Krishna) . He is an unparalleled archer and is considered to equal his father in prowess with the bow and arrow.
Parikshit is the son of Uttara, the Matsya princess and Abhimanyu, the Vrishni son of Arjuna. He is born only after the end of the war.He was also referred to as the "King of the Kurus".
Parikshit with ATTRISH as the predominant GOTRA of all the Tomars. Attrish comes from the great sage ATTRI and Tomars followed him and hence the name.

Tomar rule at Delhi lasted until 1182 A.D. when King Anangpal-II Tomar appointed Prithviraj Chauhan, his daughter's son and King of Ajmer at that time, as 'caretaker'.
Prithviraj Chauhan was mostly a caretaker king as long as Anangpal Tomar II, his grandfather(Maternal) was alive and ruling. The fact that Prithviraj's coronation to crown never happened makes this confusion even more apparent.

Following King Anangpal giving the throne of Delhi to his grandson Prithviraj Chauhan, or more accurately Prithviraj usurping the throne of Delhi, a branch of the Tomar clan established themselves in the area of modern Gwalior in northern Madhya Pradesh. One of the greatest Tomar kings Man Singh built the fortress citadel which still stands there. A debatable topic is that Tomars did not lose any battle, Anangpal II made Prithviraj Chauhan (the son of Karpuri Devi, the daughter of king Anangpal II), his grandson the heir apparent to the throne since he was probably the most efficient warrior and leader of his time. It is said that Anangpal II's younger brothers then left Delhi and moved to Gwalior, Rajasthan, Haryana and other areas of northern India in disbelief and anger.

Prithviraj Chauhan was defeated by Muhammad Ghori in A.D. 1192. The Mughal emperor Akbar captured Gwalior in 1559.

The Tomar king Man Singh built the fortress citadel which still stands there.

Tomars/ Tanwars moved from Delhi to Haryana (Bhiwani, Karnal and Mahendergarh Districts), Madhya Pradesh (Morena, Bhind, Gwalior), Punjab and Rajasthan (Patan State and nearby areas including Neem-ka-Thana, Mavanda,Mandholi). They are spread from Punjab, to Haryana, to Western Uttar Pradesh (Meerut, Baraut, Muzaffarnagar Ghaziabad, Aligarh, Bulandshahr), Eastern Uttar pradesh (Ballia) to southern Nepal to western Rajastan to Northern Madhya Pradesh and even some in Pakistan- known as Towars. In northern India, there are some Tomars of 'Jat' caste as well, e.g. in the area called 'Badaut' in Baghpat district of western UP.


  1. nice work but some villages of

    tomars are also in bareilly

    district of u.p. .

    myself from that branch .

    u can check that in wickepedia.

    tomars uprooted gwalas & katheria

    rajputs from there .

    thanks & regards

    praveen singh tomar

  2. Very interesting. Thanks for enlifghtening us about the Tomars.

  3. Tomars are also in the village Sitabdiara in Dist of Balia in Eastern UP
    and also the gotra Kashyap is also a major Tomar gotra as Rishi Kashyap tried to save Parikshit from the curse and so is revered as a guru by tomars

  4. lots of TOMARs Living in Dist. SITAPUR Vill. TIPONA .mostly they are depending on farming & they are more cultural,educated,agrasive nature but honourfull for others

  5. “ The Kingdom of Delhi was founded by Anangpal Singh Tomar, whose dynasty, by virtue of descent from the Pandavas, claimed to be Lords Paramount of India ” —From A Pageant of India by Adolf Simon Waley.


  6. but some village of Tomar-district in kaithal(Haryana)Like a Dumara,Faral,Lukhi.

  7. Tomar's are also in dist- aligarh

    this are the villages


  8. tomar is a rajput thakur for your kind information tanwar not belongs thakur

  9. rajput is the caste nme but the thakur is the financial/revenue officer in the sultanate time.

  10. Tomar are great but we we don't have a lot of money bcoz we are the children of ruler!!!!!!!!shit bas iski kami hain!!!god help some of tomar to prove that they are the king of al!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ohhhhh kishan help us!!!trahimam prabhu.

  11. Tomar's history is really great because our ancestral belongs to raja parishit (Pandav), we should follow them........
    some of tomars are residing in Niwari Khurd , Etawah(UP)migrated from Murena (MP)

  12. some tomar rajputs are also in lower belt of himachal pardesh state............distt;sirmaur ,tehsil;nahan,

  13. we r rajputs in punjab doaba we converted to sikhism 200 yrs b4 .nd we r writing toor .my village is small in hoshiarpur dist but no body knows here .goood knowledge

  14. there's a village in faridabad named as 'ajronda' is also a village of tomar rajputs. it is located on NH-2 you can google it. it was established in 1372. at first its name was ARJUN-DAAH but later on it changes to ajronda. i'm requesting to admin that please add the name of this village to the list of tomar rajput villages in haryana.

  15. very nice work
    I m proud to be a Tomar

  16. Gaurav i wana share this work with facebook so pl. tel us how can it possable ?

  17. There's a village in faridabad named as 'ajronda' is also a village of Gaur rajputs. It is located on NH-2 you can google it. it was established in 1372. at first its name was ARJUN-DAAH but later on it changes to ajronda. i'm requesting to admin that please add the name of this village to the list of Gaur rajput villages in haryana.

  18. all rajput is best ...pls join me my fb id shivam8134@yahoo.in

  19. some vilages of tomars in hardoi district(u.p) u can see i m proud to be a tomar

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  22. good work Tomars of 84s are also at Budaun Disst. in u.p.Anirudh pratap singh tomar

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  24. but howcome tomar khap of 90 villages of bagpat are of cast jat and not of rajput??? why there are no tomar villages in delhi,.....did chouhans made them run away or killed every tomar rajput.. i have never seen or listen that there did happen any war between tomar and chauhan...tanwar in delhi are also gurjar......,,,,,,i think tomars of delhi were jat and gurjar, not great rajput....

    1. hey i want to clerify you one thing ..dear .. jats and gurjars are son's of tomars but there mothers are jat and gurjars that is why .. tomars are also in jats and gujjars okk...

    2. For your kind information cast is considered from father and not mother.

      Kings used to marry women from many casts, even nachne wali in some cases . Jats(Royal House ) of bharatpur have married women from rajput, yadav, gurajar casts but still known as jats only.
      Same is with rajput kings they also used to marry women from diff class.

  25. I am siddharth singh tomar
    we are from meerut region
    our village is baral
    most tomar rajputs are settled near by villages
    one of them is ours.

  26. Kunwar Rishi TomarMarch 17, 2014 at 11:30 AM

    Tomarsssss r real epic heros.....from arjun to till now...

  27. if anybody have any information about Tomar' plz tell me
    Amit Singh Tomar

  28. hey m glad to read this ..... i am also tomar from morena , but you wrote one thing wrong that lord krishna was ya .... as YADUVANSHI before millions of years till now, he used to known as THAKURJI and YADAV's are AHEER's who take cares of cows and all he had been stayed in GOKUL but he was not yadav , so please kindly clearify ,,,,all pandu's are not yadavs ..we are thakur not yadav's so please clarify it......i really concerned about it.

    1. thats true krishna was not aheer any way he was a ksachtariya,,,but thakur title is not more than 500yrs old...

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  29. Good work n tomar are in Delhi Kanpur Lucknow n ujjain too

  30. good work .... have u any information about any book related to history of TOMAR RAJPUT ???? if u have then mail me at sachindra.tomar@gmail.com

  31. Hey Buddy, I am Shiv Mangal Singh Tomar belongs to Sirsaganj(Vill- Chirhuli) PO - Bhadan , Distt- Firozabad and Working in MNC at Bangalore.
    I Just want to say, do hard work and get good education and try to maintain our Royal History.. Jai Rajputan..

    1. Sir I need your help please I want to marry a girl she is from sirsaganj village and she is tomar so she is a Rajput or any other cast ? Pls help me sir reply me dariyaniparesh@gmail.com or what's app me 9909936461 I am also e electrical engineer in Gujarat

  32. Good work bro..

    Jai bhawani...
    Jai rajputana..

  33. Tomars are First one to Rule delhi
    Anangpal Tomar ( Anaji ) - King of Delhi
    Two Daughters :
    First Daughters son : Prithviraj Chauhan ( King of Ajmer)
    Second Daughters Son: Jai Chand Gaharwar ( King of Kannauj )
    Later on King Anangpal Tomar ( Anaji) Handed over Delhi to Prithviraj Chauhan ,because he was capable enough and was much better than Jai chand of Kannauj.
    Anaji did not consider Jai chand gaharwar of kannauj because he was not capable to match Prithviraj chauhan's Skill and Bravery.
    Jai chand did not like this and he betrayed Prithviraj Chauhan only because he felt disrespectful.
    Jai chand even helped Mohammed Ghori during the second Battle of Tarain 1192 against Prithviraj Chauhan.
    Jai Chand Gaharwar was simply a Traitor .
    Though,Prithviraj Chauhan lost battle but he killed Ghori afterward and it was remarkable and one of the Bravest moment of Rajput History.
    JAI CHAND Gaharwar was killed by Ghori.It is said that jai chand was beheaded by ghori in delhi.
    Ghori said : " Jo apno ka nahi hua , voh hamara kya hoga ."
    Jai Chand's Grandson Siha ji managed to move from kannauj to a better and secured place in Rajputana.
    A Place called Pali
    Where Grand-son Siha ji established himself and he was given title of
    RAO SIHA JI - Founder of Marwar ( Rathores )

  34. prthviraj did not kill ghori,,,ghori was killed by khokker of punjab...read real history bro not fairy tales...

    1. " Char bans, chaubis gaj, angul ashta praman,
      ta upar sultan hai, chuke mat Chauhan... "
      By poet Chand bardai.

      This is a. Proof from prithviraj raso.
      That blady ghori was killed by Great prithviraj chauhan.
      I suggest you to read prithviraj raso.
      The Muslims are distorting the real history.
      Truth is truth.
      Ghori was coward .
      Prithviraj chauhan pardoned Ghori 11 times .

  35. Aaj desh ki pahli navy mahila officer or 26 Jan. Ki pared me pahle mahila daste ki aguwai karne wali Rajput lady officer jinka naam saheed lieutenant kiran shekhawat ka anteem sanskar unke sasural village. Kurthla district. Mewat me kr dia gya
    Rajput veeragna amar rahe
    Unke sasur retired navy office Thakur shrichand chhokar unke husband Thakur vikram singh chhokar lieutenant commander navy WO bhi desh ki sewa me lage huye he Jai rajputana

  36. I want know about Tanwar Gotra - DEVET. Please tell me some info.....

  37. Please tell me about Kul-Devta of tanwars

  38. Replies
    1. I just want to know that tomar from village sirsaganj dis gajiabad is a real tomar Rajput or any other cast

  39. vill.bhorgarh rajapur kilan geret vill.in tomar rajput north-wesat nerela delhi 40

  40. raja cand(sulakhan pall dev tomar) 990 a.d.

  41. raja canda mared in doter rajkumare canadrkala raja boja permar ujjena(m.p.)

  42. raja canada wofi name hanesa dave rajkumare sinda(pakistan) doter raja anangpal

  43. Dear friends please please help me I just want to know that tomar from the village sirsaganj district gajiabad are a Rajput thakur or any other cast means tomar from sirganj village is Rajput or not ? Please reply me

  44. Tomar is great we r lives in Morena m.p.

  45. Tomar is great we r lives in Morena m.p.

  46. एक बात बताओ तोमर ठीक हांजी
    तंवर भी ठीक
    तूर कैसे हो गया
    ये रहस्य सुलझा दो
    किसी को नही मालूम
    जा राजपुताना ।।।।।।।।।।।।

  47. tomar rajpoot jitna morena mein hai aur kahi nahi hai.baki jagah jat hai ya gurjar hai. thakur koi caste nahi hai. morena mein hi thakur gurjarou ka bhi title hai,jatou ka bhi.lord kirhna is a true ahir so dont get confused by calling him thakurji.tomar also belong to the ahir family they both r chandravansi.

  48. Hi, As per our grand fathers..Our caste is prajapati and our "Gotra' is Tanwar Rajput.
    I need some clarity whether "Tanwar rajput" of Jaats and prajapatis are same?? or some difference is there..